Get out of the way.

I'm really good at watching medical shows... like really good, y'all... and I love them. I can basically guess exactly what is going to happen, and how it should be handled. There is mystery and problem solving and emotion and basically anything you could ever want in a TV show. However, in almost every episode, there is one situation in particular that I absolutely HATE.

The moment where the family member sees their loved one go into distress and they immediately start panicking. You know what I'm talking about, right? That split second when the patient starts going into heart failure, or coughing up blood or something traumatic, and the loved one JUMPS towards the patient, just totally smothering them. It's in that moment, for some strange reason, the family member feels like they can do something to help that the doctors and medical professionals can't, and the reality is that they are getting in the way. They start screaming and grabbing at or touching the patient, hoping any amount of their panic can help, but it never does. The truth is, their panic isn't doing anything. Most of the time they just grab at something and touch it, all over, (which really is comical sometimes watching them grab at nothing) but they're making it worse. Yet if they would only calm down, let go, and step back, the nurses and doctors could do their JOB and figure out whats going wrong and start to fix it. For some reason this one scenario annoys me EVERY time I see it happen. I just want to yell at the TV "COME ON! MOVE OUT OF THE WAY AND EVERYTHING WILL BE FINE!"

But how many times do I do this to God? How many times do I see something I love "dying" in front of me and try to smother it with my panic, as if any amount of my crying and screaming can fix it. How many times do I see my life in distress and think that if I just touch it and hold it I can help. The truth is if I would just stop screaming, let go, and hand it to God, he can fix it or work on it. My panicking literally isn't helping anything. If I just get my hands off the situation, person, or season, God can move.

There's not really a great ending to this post, this is more of an external-processing thought of the day.

I hope this helps put some things in perspective for you too.

If this helped, let me know, k?

Okay, Thanks.

Love y'all.

- Britt

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