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My name is Brittany Marshall!

Thanks for stopping by my website, if your friend referred you, let me know- I owe them a coffee! 


I am a San Antonio native, who has a slight obsession with coffee and goldendoodles (even thoughI don't have one yet). I am an Enneagram 2, and love being active and outdoors. I am also a worship leader and songwriter; I  went to school in Nashville but decided to come home after a few years in the music industry to focus on ministry and family! It is always my hope and prayer that even if silently and unspoken, you feel the love of God during our photoshoot together! 

I have been a photographer for over 15 years now, so I have quite a bit of experience, which makes me easy going and calm, especially on wedding days- no stress! I am a very relaxed style photographer who won't try to make you a model. (Unless thats what you want to do!) I believe it's my job to authentically capture who you are!

I LOVE traveling and would be more than happy to discuss any photoshoots even if they aren't in San Antonio!

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- Brittany

Photo by: Andrea Cauneac Photography






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