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Hey Y'all!


My name is Brittany Marshall (and these are my nieces&nephews)!

Thanks for stopping by my website, if your friend referred you, let me know- I owe them a coffee! If you're on my website, you're probably looking for a photographer - and I'd be honored to be considered as one of your choices!


As far as I go, I am a single 29 year old in San Antonio, Tx. I am also an ex-barista, so I'm a coffee snob, but just the kind that likes good coffee, not the annoying kind. I am an Enneagram 2, and obsessed with Goldendoodles (though I  don't have one yet...), and love biking, running, and volleyball. I am also a worship leader and a young adults pastor. It is always my hope and prayer that even if silently and unspoken, you feel the love of God during our photoshoot together! 

Photography-wise, I  have been a photographer for over 10 years now, so I have quite a bit of experience, which makes me easy going and calm, especially on wedding days- no stress! I can and will photograph anything you need, but I absolutely love weddings and portraits! I am a very relaxed style photographer who doesn't try too hard to make you a model. (Unless thats what you want to try!) I just want you to be YOU, and I take it as my job to capture the you that I see!

I LOVE traveling and would be more than happy to discuss any photoshoots even if they aren't in San Antonio! Just let me know however I  can help! 

I look forward to speaking with you soon!

- Brittany







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